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King Content: 20 ways to make it work for you

Content Marketing - 20 List

The creation and sharing of content is beginning to drive many B2B and consumer marketing programs. Yes, content is king.

Organizations struggle with what and how to create interesting and engaging content that either drives prospects their way, positions them as thought-leaders, or both.

Vehr Communications believes there are 20 ways to make content marketing work for you (see the chart below), and they fall into three broad categories.

1.       Create Original Content: If you can commit the resources (time, energy and ideas) to do it yourself, you’ll own it and can do whatever you want with it. This is marketing nirvana: to own and control the story. We offer 9 different but related ways to use what you create to provide content that can steer traffic your way.

2.       Curate and Aggregate: There is no end to interesting, informative and free content on the Web. You can repurpose things creatively, but be sure to give credit where credit is due. Doing this may be easier and require less time than creating your own content, but make sure it enhances, and doesn’t detract, from your brand promise. We share 5 additional ways for you to share content created by others.

3.       Make it Interesting:  Whether creating, curating or aggregating, make it visually interesting and somewhat provocative. Know your brand’s voice and how far you can push boundaries without turning off your target audience. Topical and timely can be great, but going negative or being controversial also can be tricky and risky. See our 5 additional ways to make it interesting.

Content Marketing - 20 ListAt Vehr Communications, we are spending increasingly more time creating content for our clients’ marketing efforts. We’re also doing it for ourselves.

Please let us know if we can help your organization ensure that king content makes a difference for your marketing activities.


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