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New face at Vehr Communications: John Reilly

Vehr Communication is pleased to introduce our newest team member – John Reilly, communications fellow.

John Reilly is a recent graduate of Saint Louis University (SLU) with a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies and English Literature. John joins Vehr Communications as a Communications Fellow. John_Reilly

Prior to joining Vehr, John worked as a SLU writing consultant where he helped undergraduates become more effective communicators. He also served as a campus coordinator where he led a promotional campaign across various media channels and held a position as the international section manager for an on-campus social justice publication.

John believes a practiced imagination, passion and direction are fundamental for driving effective communication strategies.

Check out what else John has to say:

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?
Some of my favorite downtime activities include escaping to nearby state parks, refreshing myself with music and poetry, visiting art museums, and spending time reading timeless literature, such as Shakespeare’s plays. I also really enjoy spending time in my community and giving back as much as I am able to. I’m new to Cincinnati and I am currently in the process of researching and applying for various volunteer opportunities within the city.

What are you most looking forward to exploring in Cincinnati?
The arts, of course! I look forward to attending productions from the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra, as well as the theatrical productions from local groups – not to mention the upcoming film festival.

How do you define PR?
To me, PR is all about identity. How do you define yourself? How would others define you? Remaining mindful of these questions and making sure the answers match-up is the essence of public relations. Of course, influencing how others perceive you is perhaps the greatest challenge of PR, but also part of what I love about PR and why I find it to be such an exciting and engaging field.

What made you want to be part of an agency setting?
As a recent graduate, I sought the opportunity to learn firsthand from professionals in the communications field and to feel integrated with a team environment. At a good agency, you have the opportunity to surround yourself with exceptional individuals, learn from them, and be part of a dynamic and effective system. What’s not to love?

What is the most recent book you’ve read or film you’ve seen?
Just recently, I finished Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, who was one of the most widely read authors of the twentieth century. The tale is as relevant as when it was first written and features a young man’s journey to an intentional, peaceful, meaningful life.

What cause marketing initiatives have caught your eye recently?
I have always appreciated the Inspi(RED)campaign: the bright color demands your attention, the consistency makes it instantly recognizable, the simplicity makes it likable, and it is just a good idea all around. More recently, Graeter’s hosted a Cones for the Cure campaign, in which they offered free ice cream cones and in return asked only for donations. The money went to The Cure Starts Now, which aims to cure childhood cancer.

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