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Big three saga … Fascinating PR issue

The “Big 3 Detroit Drama” has been fascinating from a PR perspective.  One thing’s for sure – if you throw a historic world economic meltdown, U.S. automakers, the UAW, the U.S. Congress, an incumbent President and a President-Elect, Governors, Mayors and more than six million auto-related employees into …

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Do televised presidential debates matter?

Is it democratic heresy to wonder aloud if televised debates in our country’s Presidential race really matter? Last night’s Obama/McCain debate was a major political and historic event.  So, of course, these things matter.  Ever since the “five-o’clock shadow” Nixon v. the “fresh as a rose” Kennedy debate more than 35 years ago, conventional thinking is that these […]

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PR, politics and Vehr Communications

We’re excited to join the conversation. The connections between PR and politics – on many different levels – makes this one of the most fascinating times in history for our country, for all strategic communications professionals, and for all of us at Vehr Communications. Our Country: There has never been a more exciting presidential election in […]

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