What We Do

Featured Work

100th Anniversary: Formica Group

The strategy: Speak globally with one, clear voice.

Advancepierre Foods

On the menu: Corporate communications with a side of audience engagement.

Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority

What we did: Excellent communications support and content development.

Cirque Du Soleil

What we did: We got into the act and jumped through hoops to promote Cirque du Soleil.

Dave & Buster’s Cincinnati Relaunch

What we did: Threw a buzzworthy party for 1,200 of our closest friends.

Fast Park Summer of Fun

Our objective: Engage family travelers and build affinity for the Fast Park brand.

First Student Safety Dog Bus Tour

What we did: Educated and engaged students and parents on the topic of school bus safety.

Formica “Share the Love” blog

The objective: Inspire and educate homeowners and designers.

Formica IdealEdge™

The results: We made an impression ... about 12 million of them.

Hart Productions

The results: Connecting people and making impressions ... 65 million of them.

Henny Penny

What we did: Strategic counsel and implementation support for a historic announcement.


The objective: Thought leadership for really deep thinkers and problem-solvers.

Issue 17: Cincinnati Zoo

The result: The voters said yes and the Zoo won.

Issue 6: Cincinnati Museum Center

The challenge: Convince indecisive voters to support this beloved institution.

Kroger Breast Cancer Luncheon

The strategy: To celebrate Kroger cancer-survivor associates and support the company’s commitment to fighting the disease.

Marvin Lewis Community Fund Anniversary

What we did: Created a game plan to kickoff a year-long anniversary celebration.


The result: Increased social engagement by more than 1,000%.

Publication: World Choir Games (coffee-table book)

Our objective: Capture the magic of the World Choir Games.

Revive I-75

The opportunity: Involve and inform the community.

Social Media Center: World Choir Games

Our objective: Engage the world online.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare (media relations)

The results: 1 section, 7 months, 27 story placements.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare News channel

What we do: Publish content daily to help people live better lives.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare Taste of Health

Good connections: Living well as the result of eating well.

Trade Shows: Formica Corporation

The objective: Showcase product, create buzz, drive traffic.

Warsteiner at Bunbury Music Festival

What we did: Made meaningful social connections through shared love of music.

Warsteiner community for fans and fanatics

Desired results: New social media friends. It worked.

Warsteiner USA: Formula E sponsorship

What we did: Created a multi-faceted social media campaign to support Warsteiner USA’s race team sponsorship.

Whirl and Twirl: World Choir Games (mascot contest)

Our objective: Engage the community to select event mascots.

Winegardner & Hammons, Inc.

The objective: Inform, engage and celebrate.

World Choir Games (media relations)

What we did: Teamwork, collaboration and creativity deliver impressive results.

Xavier Nation magazine

Fan friendly: Partnered to created new publication for Musketeers faithful.