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AdvancePierre Foods Communications Strategy

Preparing a company to go public is a monumental undertaking. Ditto, readying a business for acquisition. When AdvancePierre Foods tackled both challenges, the food producer relied on Vehr as a critical part of the recipe, cooking up a multilayered communications strategy.

The Andy & JJ Dalton Foundation (AJDF) National Media Blitz

Skill. Luck. Timing. They’re all in play when it comes to an exciting sports moment — or an exciting PR moment. After Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton threw a pass that changed the season for Buffalo Bills fans, Vehr helped the Andy & JJ Dalton Foundation run with it, for a blowout national media blitz.

Cincinnati and CES 2019

I am not a tech geek. I do, however, understand the importance of innovation and risk to grow jobs, community and economies. All of this is also good for Cincinnati.